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China Silk (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd can supply many kinds of airlaid paper including thermal-bonded, latex-bonded, multi-bonded and airlaid with SAP/SAF, the basic weights diversify from 50-400gsm. Our web width is 2100mm and the slitting width is 50-2100mm. The content of SAP in airlaid can be adjusted from 0-50% based on the customer demand.
Thermal-bonded 50-150gsm
It is soft and high-loft. It has quick absorbency and infiltration, good absorbent performance. Although its absorbent performance depends on basic weight, generally speaking higher basic weight and high-loft can get better performance. There is some powder in using thermal-bonded airlaid paper, under normal condition higher chemical fibre content makes less powder in airlaid.
Thermal-bonded airlaid is appropriate for use in ultra-thin sanitary napkins, pantyliners, stream guidance in baby diapers or absorbent core layers or surgical pads, incontinent pads etc.
Latex-bonded 50-100gsm
It has soft feature, good moisture protection, and high absorbent level. It contains no chemical fibre and totally degradable.
Latex-bonded airlaid paper is used for cleaning kitchen , disposable medical bedsheets, surgical clothes, cosmetics, wet wipers, napkins, disposable table cloth, industrial wipers etc.
Multi-bonded 50-150gsm
Compare with thermal-bonded, the manufacture can cling the powder by applying or spraying latex on multi-bonded in order to reduce the powder degree. We also can set different latex proportion for different purposes. We could add colour during applying or spraying latex to make an unique product for customer.
Multi-bonded airlaid is suitable for sanitary napkins, pantiliners, diapers, industrial wipers, household wipers, kitchen wipers, disposable napkins, disposable medical bedsheets, caps, clothes and filtering materials.
Airlaid with SAP/SAF 80-400gsm
Airlaid with SAP/SAF enhance its absorbent feature as the good absorbent and water holding capacity performance of SAP/SAF. So the proportion and feature of SAP/SAF will make a direct influence on the feature of airlaid. Airlaid with SAP/SAF and latex can accelerate the machine speed of the customer and reduce the powder in production. Different kinds of latex and different proportions of latex can promote the feature of the product, such as stiffness and superficial diffusing feature.
It is used for sanitary napkins, baby diapers(diaper pads), sanitary pads, pet pads, incontinent pads, training clothes and surgical pads with high absorbent level.